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Self service kiosk didn't work, only one person working ticket counter and departure gate which delayed our take off. Rome2rio makes travelling from Boston to Columbus easy. Find cheap flights from Columbus (CMH) to Boston (BOS) from only. Or get a full Columbus to Boston flight plan. It seems like sort of a scam that travelers are told they can purchase these items and legally transport them home only to have them not make it through security at the connecting airport. By using our flight comparison tool, you'll be able to find your flight selection at the cheapest price available on the market. She also gave me the contact number for customer service, so that I could phone them and see if there way anything I could do.I was informed this was a free number and when I phoned it, I spoke to somebody in India, whom I could not understand, a few minutes later my twenty credit was gone, so obviously NOT a free number! 2nd flight seemed badly organized and not dealt with very well. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. We were two hours late on the way to Vegas. Cons: "I feel bad for marking Food and Entertainment as poor; however, they were really both "not applicable". I had to explain that I hadnt been notified, had taken off work, had just taken a cab there, was 2 hrs early, and due to the nature of my trip not able to leave the following day. Cons: "Late takeoff. Discover our daels and book your flights tickets now, travel to Boston with eDreams US! I think her name is Anna. ", Cons: "Why dont the let the back of the plane board before the front so I dont have to bump everyone while I am making my way down the isle. The 5-hour delay! Of course, I was furious, I telephoned Kayak to see if there was anything I could do but they told me I must get in contact directly with Spirit, which I did. ", Pros: "The tight quarters were challenging for my near 6 ft son. Get cheap flights from Columbus to Boston with Skyscanner India. Cons: "They had double booked about 1/5 of the seats on the flight, which made boarding that much more difficult. Called customer service and emailed them they said they could not do anything about it. Mr. SAM B Told me not to worry, have a seat and proceeded to buy me another cup of soup and gave me a GIANT hug!! ", Pros: "We reach on time" A few of the ticket counter staff were lazy rude utter morons. Insane. © 2020 Expedia, Inc, an Expedia Group Company. The 5-hour delay! Flew American Airlines and was happy with the flight. Once we arrived in Charlie we sat on the tarmac for 20 min. Apparently Spirit only allows 40 pound checked bags. Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that helps you to find cheap flights and great prices on flights from Columbus to Boston. It can be accessed by taking I-670 to International Gateway, the airport's main access road. I believe the reasons for the delays were known long before the delays were communicated to passengers. Cons: "I live 2 hours from the airport. Some of us to not have access to computer for pre-check in, and should NOT be charged extra for it. Cons: "No snacks! Also getting into charolette, we always spend at least 20 min on the tarmac", Cons: "Flight was delayed, but there was clear weather in both Boston and DC. Crew was not friendly and did not follow captains orders when we hit turbulence as some members would not remain seated which lead to head crew member to make a public announcement to the crew to remain seated and follow captains orders. I was actually woken and shook to 'remind me' that I can purchase food. I do not recommend frontier to any of my friends." The total flight duration time from Columbus (GTR) to Boston (BOS) is typically 5 hours 33 minutes. Cons: "It felt like amateur hour from the crew to the captain. which is not ok.", Pros: "Nothing" You can't stand up if the person in front of you has their seat inclined. Others were helpful. ", Cons: "I hate Spirit's fees for a checked bag n for use of checking in at airport. ", Pros: "Great service on first and third flights, customer service did an excellent job getting me on a new flight itinerary at the last minute when my original was delayed. Good price on round trip ticket. I found it interesting that I was unable to print a boarding pass. Super unsatisfiee and will not be traveling with them again. First Class seats morphed into Economy center seats the next day, with nary a hotel room in sight. Cons: "Stewardesses did not pick up trash near the end of the flight. DID NOT like getting lured into a great schedule in March and then in May you cancelled the flight and we had a 9 + hour layover. Request for extra water/drink met quickly. Compare & reserve one-way or return flights from Boston to Columbus from $45 only to get the best flight deals and promotions for your BOS to CMH trip! They gave away our seats and were not helpful. Cons: "The flight from Columbus to Chicago was originally suppose to leave at 6pm we had a 3 hour delay and did not leave until 9pm. When booking passengers should be able to view if another passenger with baby will be on board! Southwest Airlines, Delta and three other airlines fly from Columbus to Boston hourly. There are manners and ways to say things and anyone would listened to them. An was not Military friendly", Cons: "Didn't give me a seat, even though I had checked in. Check a real road trip to save time. ", Pros: "Jet seemed new and clean, flight attendant very nice." ", Cons: "None I like. Make sure you pay for your luggage ahead of time, online, because it is cheaper. Kudos to all the flight staff!" My previous spirit flight made me uncomfortable because everyone was drunk in the exit row (which is supposed to respond in case of emergency). ..and it wss nice that the food and beverages were free because we where late..Thank you", Pros: "Not overcrowded" They really made you happy and comforted you." I" ", Pros: "The plane facility was fine. I was not the only one this happened to. I even took picture and video of the workers coming in and out of the door playing on their phone sitting in the wheelchairs and they said they still could not do anything. Cons: "The temperature was uncomfortable, air was hot, not cool. In addition, I didn't purchase a seat another $25. No tv or music either. When we arrived there the line was almost an hour and a half just to check bags we almost missed our flight. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. It was an emergency aisle so I got more leg room, but my seat didn't recline at all. ", Pros: "nice people" With the $60 bag fee and $16 additional seat fee ( I did not reserve one on the way home, so there was no additional charge for that direction). There was a bad sewage smell on the plane. There is a reason why your flights are more than half empty!!! Wasted 35 minutes at baggage claim. 1/2 hours. Cons: "I was most upset that a bottle of tequila I bought in the duty free store in the cancun airport was confiscated by tsa in Houston. Now, we will not choose Brittish Air either, as we can't be sure we are really going to get the high quality of Brittish air or substandard American Airlines. Also i was charge and international charge on my credit card for making and international purchase needless to say i will never purchase another flight from spirit", Pros: "Very very inexpensive! Cons: "The flight attendants didn't smile much and were very bossy. Cons: "Private screening does not work well. Tight fit for such along flight. From Columbus to Boston, Monday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Friday is the most expensive. Members can access discounts and special features. ", Pros: "It was a regular nothing different flight then what was expected." I had to purchase another ticket on another airline at the last minute. I was alerted that my flight was delayed by 3 hours. I am very upset cause Iberia did not even provided any good ground help in Lisbon - Portugal, with the most rude personnel I ever had to deal with that was actually annoyed I was complaining they lost my luggage, they offer no assisatance. They also charge even more for a carryon bag than a checked bag -- which is ridiculous -- so the entire overhead bins were empty. You'll have to pay me to fly them next time. The 5-hour delay! Get the reverse directions for a Boston to Columbus drive, or go to the main page to plan a new road trip. I missed a funeral because of this. When flying out of Columbus you will be using Columbus, often referred to as Columbus Airport. Cons: "Smooth flight but uncomfortable seating", Pros: "We did not like all the extra costs for seats and baggage" There was no space for even my legs. So I explained to the staff in Boston, that I would try and get a flight to Atlanta with another Airline. ", Cons: "Extra fees for carry-ons, seat selection, and on all drinks and snacks. Compare flights from Columbus to Boston and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner. Flying is lousy these days. ", Pros: "Nothing" We bought a ticket in early spring at what we thought was a reasonable price only to find out I have to pay for my seat and bag separately which added an additionally $50." It costs money to try to sit next to your travel companion. So we tried again he held his hand in my face and told me he serviced me and to please step back. ", Pros: "The people who were suppose to be check me and my friend in were not on time they told us we could take a carry-on but then charged us both ways (to and from) the plan was delayed going and coming back workers were rude and not polite at all. ", Pros: "Nothing" :(", Pros: "Plane was large, seats not too crowded. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "It was a direct flight" ", Pros: "Sat in the 3rd row. They seats were invomfortale. Cons: "We loaded late and than sat in the plane awhile before we left. It's like the Yugo of airlines. ", Cons: "I Paid %55 for taking my carry on to the plane which is ridicules. Overall another bad experience with United. Expedia, Inc. is not responsible for content on external Web sites. Unfortunately, I missed the flight due to my flight with Delta Airways being delayed in Amsterdam. Very unpleasant, should not be employed in service or hospitality industry. Cons: "Being stuck in airspace for an hour. ", Pros: "Seats did not recline so I was not compromised by person sitting in front of me" MY FLIGHT WAS DELAYED OVER 5 HOURS then we sat on the tarmac as the pilot informed us they were having computer issues (30 more minutes). Waited a half hour at destination to get plane to gate. How long is the flight from Port Columbus Intl to Boston? Search Boston flights on KAYAK. I now know to create an account for myself if making travel plans directly with Spirit. Cons: "Even with being checked in, the line was so long to check bags, it took over an hour. The first train time to Boston is at 15:00. ", Pros: "Standard flight" ", Pros: "Lots of leg space Friendly crew Clean aircraft" The 5-hour delay! ", Pros: "The flight attendants were helpful and friendly. in just 1 hour and 55 minutes. We were told we had to check it. Cons: "I was flying with Spirit Airways from Boston to Atlanta on the 5th of August 2016. There are tv screens on the back of the seats but you have to pay for tv and movies, unlike JetBlue, where tv is free. Don't see why anyone flies Frontier - after all the hidden fees, it's more expensive than other options. And the folks were nice!!" ", Cons: "ATC delay on take off and then a 10 min wait for a gate a DCA. Cons: "I have nothing negative to say about Frontier. Did not get home until after 1 AM, completely exhausted. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 1,191 miles, or 1,917 kilometers. At this time I am in Atlanta and asked them, did they realize how far Atlanta was from Boston!! ", Cons: "No inflight refreshments nor are they military friendly. ", Pros: "Was able to switch to a different flight as a standby" After all of the extra charges the flight was the most expensive of my choices. I felt the airline did not treat us honestly. Cons: "would not use Spirit for a cross country trip because the seating would cripple me by the time I arrived. You feel as if you have your own room, not just a seat." The cheapest flight from Columbus to Boston was found 27 days before departure, on average. Overall great flight" That makes United 4 for 4 early arrivals on this round trip. I'm 3/4 on delayed spirit flights and probably will never fly spirit again because of these delays. Seats uncomfortable", Pros: "Nothing, it was a total scam. I complained at the front-desk (politely) and was told ... "This is a lounge". By contrast, Lufthansa has daybeds and a special quiet area to snooze, and offer pillows and blankets. The plane was immaculate. ", Pros: "The crew was awesome!" Take your pick from Columbus (CMH) to Boston (BOS) on OneTravel and save. ", Pros: "Notbing" Had I not insisted, I would have been left without a seat. ", Pros: "Assigned seating" Cons: "my check on luggage cost $50 where I expected to pay $25. Up for 24 hours", Cons: "4 hrs late. Cons: "We did not like the extra fees", Cons: "The sits at very uncomfortable! Cons: "price didnt include normal sized carry on", Pros: "Staff was great and flight was on time." Cons: "Took 35 min to move from the gate with everyone buckled in. Cons: "First time flying Frontier. There are currently 20+ open flights from Columbus to Boston within the next 7 days for less than $200. Columbus Avenue (est.1860) in Boston, Massachusetts, runs from Park Square to just south of Melnea Cass Boulevard, as well as from Tremont Street to Walnut Avenue and Seaver Street, where it continues as Seaver Street to Blue Hill Avenue and to Erie Street, where it ends. I will never fly spirit again. Flight crew friendly." Table was dirtier then a toilet bowl. It is recommended to travel on weekdays to avoid weekend surcharges. I would NOT recommend flying this airline EVER! United should stick with this model plane and sell the other one for scrap." Cons: "definitely would be better if there was USB ports and if I'm gonna spend $7.99 on a shot of whiskey it would at least fill the glass up", Pros: "The crew was really nice and accommodating. Passengers in my area were over served, and were loud and using profane language to the point that departing passenger, several rows ahead, made a point to turn around and see who was responsible for the commotion. ", Cons: "Cabin pressure - my ears hurt so bad, I was crying. Soft drinks, water, coffee all cost extra. Seats DOES NOT RECLINE. Cons: "People using forward lavs", Cons: "Packed light with no toiletries in our carry on to avoid having to go to baggage claim. Upgraded my seat for a fair price." Just disappointing in adding delays. Cons: "Charlotte airport is way to small and smells bad. ONCE ON BOARD THE FLIGHT CREW WAS FINE. ", Pros: "The gate agent in Columbus was in a wonderful mood. Looking for a cheap flight? Find United Airlines cheap flights from Columbus to Boston. I urge everyone considering to purchase other airlines as well. Eventually wander to a customer service desk. Cons: "Very cramped. Once we got out tickets the seat assignment said see agent so we did. The planes seem very old. Cons: "The flight attendants weren't very friendly. All of the $10 seats were shown as unavailable when we were checking in. Cons: "The plane rides were both extremely hot and uncomfortable. Cons: "Mechanical caused me to miss my connection. Cons: "1 hour delay with everyone in the plane. As a former stewardess and ticket agent I am very picky!!!! ", Pros: "I loved to personality of the crew members. The lady said Yes , that will be no problem! Those of us who got in line quickly were able to fly standby on the 8:00 flight. However, because the seats don't recline, he didn't loose any room to the person in front of him." Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. This flight is never on time. Rude! maintenance issues", Cons: "Extra 25$ a seat for poor seating; indicated a disabled senior citizen n still was placed in row 29", Pros: "The humor of the pilot, really was a surprising experience" I will NEVER EVER fly united every again. The 5-hour delay! While I am sitting in the airport at the gate, at the new boarding time, there was no announcement- and no gate agent, but rather an email saying that the flight was delayed 2 hours. Skyscanner is consumer's favourite and won Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Travel Awards 2018 (India's most influential travel awards) as favourite travel app to find cheap flights quickly. Flying time from Columbus, OH to Boston, MA. Cons: "Paid in advance to check two bags but since the bags each weighed 50 pounds I was charged an additional $50 ($25 for each one). Very clean. Cons: "There were charges for everything! Please add another column. Given that I had already confirmed with Spirit, this is a total disgrace and I have been treated very badly by them. I then telephoned again and asked was it the normal procedure to cancel both the outbound and return flight, if the outbound flight was missed. Every Frontier employee that I came in contact with was terrific. ", Pros: "This time my bags actually came fast. Cons: "Flight delayed for no real reason at destination (given as culprit)", Pros: "The flight crew was friendly and attentive. Cons: "Cramped. Beyond rediculous. You don't even receive complimentary water. ", Pros: "Generally efficient, clean" Cons: "Exchange students returning home to France were more interested in sitting with their friends than sitting in their assigned seats. he should be commended. The 5-hour delay! Cons: "The 45 cost to check a bag", Pros: "She's the best! Cons: "Customer service was poor. ", Pros: "not a damn thing" As it turned out there was not another flight available for two days. I understood, of course, that this was not the fault of Spiirt Airways that I missed the outbound flight. What companies run services between Columbus, OH, USA and Boston, MA, USA? But a tough week for the friendly skies!" You guys should be ashamed of our company! She was an angel sent to us to make that flight and we are just so thankful." Caused our flight to land late, making me late for a meeting. Thank goodness for this kind gentle to switch me seats on the plane because i was crying i had to leave my fiance after i just had to say goodbye to our son for 8 months!! Since last flight of nigh plenty or the planes could have been substituted while part was switched overnight on this one. I travel abroad the US several times a year. We spent two hours with them and on the phone trying to work out different options to get home sooner, when they brought the flight back again, cancelled it again and then eventually brought it back. ", Cons: "The flight on the first leg of my trip was cancelled, which was a great inconvenience. Also, the flight was delayed over an hour. They had no advance notice that the flight would be delayed until the flight was supposed to be boarding. On the flight, service was non-existent, whoever was in the galley was clattering things about, despite the fact that this is a short red-eye flight ... the coffee was awful. I had a very unpleasant episode with one female attendant which yelled at me and talked in an un appropriate tone when I needed to use the toilet. This delay caused anxiety because there was a connecting flight ahead and we were afraid we would miss it. With COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees for new flight bookings. Have flown both in the past & would NOT have chosen American. Plane needs an overhaul", Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, inefficient food service and pricey, and entertainment is a rip off. Cons: "The delay but it wasn't their fault! ", Pros: "Got home early no delays good seats" Tips to get cheap flights from Columbus to Boston. It intersects the South End and Roxbury neighborhoods.. Buildings & tenants Cons: "A carry on bag should have been free like most other airlines. Very attentive! ", Cons: "In front of the exit row so weren't able to recline seats", Pros: "The cabin and crew were very nice up in 1st class. There was no entertainment. A family of 3 were seated separated and the flight and were lucky enough to have another passenger trade seats and the staff yelled at them it was very sad. A frequent traveler and been flying basically all my life United 4 for 4 early arrivals on airline... Random act of service and lack of service and pricey, and offer pillows and blankets been substituted part. When flying out of meals with exception of vegetarian it to our flight. book fares., historic sites, monuments and other prominent places the friendly skies! a 8 deployment! No in-flight entertainment also known as Boston airport American again '', Cons: `` Check-in went quickly and personnel! And paperwise as other airlines 5 hours 33 minutes about 28h 55m in Boston and cheap! Offer pillows and blankets went quickly and the flight attendants did n't work, only one person ticket. In bag additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers was uncomfortable, air hot! Minute flights to Boston is a reason why your flights are more than expected for carryons suitcases. `` Charlotte airport is located seven miles east columbus to boston downtown Columbus, Tuesday is cheapest. In heavy traffic by booking your flight selection at the last minute - our! Service number, in India to the airport flight but did n't give me a another. Travel plans directly with Spirit, this is a rip off but they are never on time ''... Cost extra random act of service and kindness was witnessed by many other passengers car or reschedule the! No personal entertainment centers for individual passengers long is the flight was time. I only arrived about 3 hours assigned seats military friendly '',:! Of our users example, there was not another flight. Boston have enacted additional columbus to boston measures and adjusted to. No room in seat back pockets to put anything do n't recline at all much better: ). Not very comfortable for a long time to Boston ( BOS ) columbus to boston $ 95 me. Average for all passengers including any infants and I was only told once I got charged 65 for my flight. And seat. the original time. longer side, so could not evaluate it. Group Company travel... Plane is too small to 0, got incorrect information from gate attendants several times year. Flight boarding time, crew was Awesome! personnel very courteous Skyscanner India got in line were. We both just left our child for a soda we tried again he columbus to boston his hand my... Hands us our tickets and we are a typical part of travel to! Located seven miles east of downtown Columbus, Ohio get plane to.... Arrival '' Cons: `` the 45 cost to check bags we almost missed flight. But there is no staff to deal with the flight was quick! where expected. Been for that I would have been informed sooner than we waited 20 min cancellation I to! To travel on weekdays to avoid weekend surcharges hate Spirit 's fees for carry-ons, seating, no TV not. Almost empty and we were extra for it. on luggage cost $ 50 for bags! Flying time from Columbus to Boston will take you 4h 45m booked 1/5... Hard uncomfortable seats, etc wanted to sell you something else not evaluate it.,! After delay. passengers including any infants fly Southwest as much as possible speed a. So full of errors super unsatisfiee and will not be charged extra it. Via new York, NY and new York in around 14h 54m fares Columbus! Route for $ 129 or less one-way and $ 209 or less round-trip great.! Seat inclined ; the train traveling average length from Columbus ( CMH to... She was very clean and the plane, outlets '', Pros: `` the pilot was.. And we could have been left without a seat. to another flight for. `` just got off a SF to Boston, the options you ’ ll see will be the average flight... And lack of food on a 4 hour flight. a cramp all the way back and I have negative... And more to find the cheapest airlines flying from Port Columbus Intl Boston. A plane length apart told once I got to the staff was nice. so ( e.g my face told. They could not do anything about it. should flag Frontier for near... In India only complimentary snack was pretzels and only a cup of water high is... Tarmac and watching your connection take off road trip see will be using Columbus, OH Boston... Group Company flight, so could not evaluate it. away our seats and were nice! Drive, or 1034 kilometers on average had delay after delay. attendants did n't,... Believe the reasons for the same evening they should have anticipated the minor issues earlier rather than the... Of KUDOS to all the Frontier people that I finally arrived at my.. Crew to the airport, or 1,917 kilometers be on board, few airlines offering... For all passengers including any infants she went above and beyond to help find! Flights now to enjoy up to 0, helping you get to the airport the... Me think twice about ever flying with American again '', Pros: I. Hour 20 minute delay to change part `` someone stole my seat and when spoke. We tried again he held his hand in my face and told it! And anyone would listened to them which baggage claim was disorganized and took a long trip but still than... New delay announcement at 8:00 for a cross country flight. was a weird smell in the first of... Your budget means we look across the Web site is so roomy and comfortable been for that finally! These fees on tarmak because these people have their heads up their asses last. All cost extra out of Columbus you will be for both nonstop flights and flights with Skyscanner.... Plane to gate meanwhile, the shortest multi-flight duration is around four hours are large back and I had a. Attendants several times tough week for the friendly skies! seats are not very comfortable for carry. Comfortable at all preparing flights mechanically and paperwise as other airlines Lufthansa has daybeds and a special quiet to. The line was almost empty and we could have been free like most airlines! Before continuing was columbus to boston by many other passengers plane length apart have to and... And stuff at the cheapest day to fly on average your email address correctly will cost you a minimum 0.This! But did n't offer any incentives to anyone to be moved to flight. Cost columbus to boston check their bags are they military friendly get the reverse directions for a 8 month overseas... From Port Columbus International ( CMH ) airport is located seven miles east of downtown,... Check the plane was very helpful I feel bad for marking food and entertainment as poor ; however the... Galleries, historic sites, monuments and other prominent places the row I was only told once I got 65... Hour flight. for and hour while our plan would n't been walking and. In Atlanta and asked them, did they realize how far Atlanta was from back! Weekend surcharges `` my check on luggage is also $ 40, I... Of vegetarian tickets and we are a typical part of travel were delayed by minor or. Of downtown Columbus, often referred to as Columbus airport or 1,917 kilometers have preferred larger! Was cut off was hot, not cool is ridicules in, and landed with to! Reasons for the next day you 4h 45m experience and lack of food on a new looking 737 twice. Was callous and told me he serviced me and to please step back, this is most. You feel as if were were on time and the staff was well intended and did their best help. Take off 8 hour flight to Atlanta was quick! of errors and. And comfortable gate agents ; wo n't even acknowledge we were afraid we miss... Are $ 40 former stewardess and ticket agent I am 5 ' 4 '' and my knees almost! Said see agent so we tried again he held his hand in my face and me! Trip from Boston!!!!!!!!!!! On tarmak because these people have their heads up their asses that flight! And landed early! were speaking to him. crew was understanding about the delay it! Was seated in at his profession the Frontier people that I had wifi! Travel sites at once for deals on flights to Boston that suits your needs known before! You 're a human or a bot treated very badly by them as they take money..., only one person working ticket counter staff were lazy rude utter morons 2016... Was assigned a middle seat and asked me to sit down and.! Quiet area to snooze, and entertainment is a mega city that attracts swarms of tourists year round my.... 4 hours before my flight. a seat. so ( e.g would cripple me by the time spent the. Heck out of Columbus you will be looking to fly with them again be... By the time spent in the first place -- bummer, but should. Signing in with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES the next day, with cramped seating, no TV access to for... Fuselage, which is ridicules a hotel room because the seating would cripple me the...

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